Classic Massage

Mon | Thu | Fri 9am to 9pm
Sat 9am to 4pm

The classic partial and full body massage is used to address muscle tension, for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, for healthcare or purely as a wellness treatment. Classic massages usually include feet, legs, arms, hands, back, shoulders and neck. The massage can be extended to the chest, buttocks, abdomen, and face.

30 minutes 80 CHF
60 minutes 120 CHF
90 minutes 180 CHF

The treatments can be billed under method 102 through your supplemental health insurance. Please inquire with your health insurance provider to see if your benefits include this service.

Additional massage offers

We relieve pain and tension through the body by brushing, kneading, rubbing, pressing and tapping. targeted and specialized grip techniques, enable treatment of headaches, neck and back pain, excessive strain during sports, strains or other issues.


Classic Massages stimulate blood and lymph circulation. This improves the removal of metabolic end products, and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Tension in the muscles or adhesions between individual layers of tissue are alleviated. This technique has a positive effect on state-of-mind. It improves general relaxation and looseness and stabilises the immune system. This treatment can be combined with other massage techniques to address specific complaints.