Sport Massage

Sport massages help lead athletes to optimal performance.Your personal masseur will accompany you before, during and after the competition. With a targeted sport massage, the training effectiveness is improved, muscles and ligaments are loosened and recovery is enhanced. Additionally sport massages can help prevent sport-related injuries and prevent cramps. Sport massages improve body awareness, general well-being and mental health and help enable the best possible athletic performance..

The treatments can be billed under method 102 through your supplemental health insurance. Please inquire with your health insurance provider to see if your benefits include this service.


The techniques are similar to the classic massage, but sport massages are usually performed more vigorously. The masseur incorporates knowledge of the athlete’s training plan, and their physical, psychological and nutritional states.


The treatment can help optimize training and preparation for competitions, help prevent sports injuries, aid in rehabilitation after injuries and assist to restore performance and recovery of the athlete's mental and physical states.

Application Areas

  • Optimisation and support for a more effective training
  • Pre-competition physical preparation
  • Pre-competition psychological preparation
  • Efficient recovery
  • Support for rehabilitation of traumatic sports injuries including: muscle strain, muscle tear, tendon rupture, tendinitis, tennis elbow, Sudeck syndrome, bursitis, excess leg, strained joints and fractures
  • Cramps


30 minutes 80 CHF
60 Minuten 135 CHF
90 Minuten 202.50 CHF

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