Cupping therapy (Báguànfǎ) is a centuries-old healing method that is an established part of alternative medicine to this day. The effects are quite varied. In addition to the general massage effects, cupping is particularly suitable for back pain, lumbago, joint problems, as well as respiratory and digestive ailments.

The treatments can be billed under Methode 185, 102 oder 3431 through your supplemental health insurance. Please inquire with your health insurance provider to see if your benefits include this service.


The vacuum in the glasses is created by fire or a pump. The intensity varies depending on the treatment. The cupping glasses can be placed locally or pushed over the tissue with massage oil.


Cupping affects a variety of the body’s systems: skin, muscles, joints, digestion, internal organs through reflex zones, blood circulation and the nervous system. The skin is pulled up by the vacuum which enhances blood circulation, but which can lead to a bruise. The increased blood flow can last for several days. Adhesions and hardened tissues are loosened, waste materials are transported away and joints are enriched with fluid.


30 minutes 80 CHF
60 Minuten 135/138 CHF

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